Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Extenze Before and After - Fact or Fiction?

I'll be surprised if you manage to find my little space on the Internet for my take on the Extenze wonder pill and whether the Extenze before and after pictures or information is actually for real.

However, I'm hoping you do find my little site as I'm sure you'll be shocked and amazed when you see and read about my own first had experience with Extenze and then I can point you to some extenze before and after 'detailed' information.

I heard about Extenze about 8 months ago when looking to enhance my pecker and there was just so many products on the market to consider. Sounds familiar, right?

I had to decide on whether to try out an extender, oucchhh!, some special creams (yeah right!) and then the option of pills. I suppose I was sceptical of all 3 but at least when I looked for some extenze before and after information I started to get some real information.

Now, I Must admit I was still very sceptical as some of the before and after pictures were showing some dramatic gains. And in a few pictures the guys were claiming an increase of arond 3.5 inches after using Extenze for around 5 months. That's pretty good going and I would have been happy with just 2 inches given my 4inch size.

Well I did even more investiagting and stayed up into the small hours for nearly 6 nights solid and after reading through over 70 websites I came to a final conclusion.

The conclusion was that Extenze definitely does work. However, it seems that some people are definitely getting better gains than others and that the average gain is around 2.5 inches. For me that's a pretty good average gain and I must stress though that the best results were seen by those that stuck with taking the pills for at least 4-5 months. Some people just give up too easily and then start calling things a scam. For Extenze before and after, all you need to do is get some here today and and you'll see for yourself a life changing before and after difference in a few months time.

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